The CPI (Continuous Permanent Improvement) Coach

Business Results

Companies that Arun Hariharan has helped with Business Excellence have achieved breakthrough business results through Excellence, and successfully sustained these results year after year. A few examples of such direct results from Business Excellence are given below :

  • Direct results of Quality initiatives in a 5-year period includes INR 11 billion in cost-savings and INR 70 billion in revenue / topline. Return on Investment in Quality 50 times in 5 years! Returns from year-one itself.
  • Significant cost savings through Lean and Kaizen, directly impacting bottomline at a manufacturing company, independently verified by the company's Finance department.
  • Quantified improvement in Service Quality & Customer satisfaction
  • Quality initiatives in a 3-year period was INR 1.25 billions. Arun delivered a 16-times return on investment on the group's Six Sigma program.
  • 80% improvement in Customer Satisfaction scores
  • Organizational culture transformation