The CPI (Continuous Permanent Improvement) Coach

Founder & CEO's Profile

Arun Hariharan is a Business Excellence practitioner with 3 decades of international professional experience; and the author of 3 books: Continuous Permanent Improvement (ASQ 2014), The Strategic Knowledge Management Handbook (ASQ 2015) and Humor in Quality (Amazon KDP 2015). He is also a Certified Corporate Director. He has helped several large companies in diverse industries achieve substantial and sustained business results and competitive-edge through Business Excellence strategy and implementation. His forte is to help companies make Excellence a key strategic differentiator. Companies where he has led Business Excellence have also achieved organizational transformation to usher a culture of Quality and customer-focus across the organization.

Arun is the Founder & CEO of The CPI Coach, a company that provides partnership, consulting and training in Business Excellence and related areas.

Previous positions that he has held include: 

  • President-Quality & Knowledge Management, Reliance Capital Ltd. (one of India’s largest financial service groups)
  • Senior Vice President-Quality & Knowledge Management at Bharti Airtel Ltd. (India’s largest telecom company)
  • General Manager - Strategic Planning; & Head of Knowledge Management, RPG Group (a large diverse conglomerate group)
  • Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young Global Management Consulting. 

In all the companies where Arun led Business Excellence, initiatives such as Lean Six Sigma and Knowledge Management are significant direct contributors to revenue, profits, shareholder-value creation and customer satisfaction. Companies where he led Business Excellence have won numerous international awards and recognitions for their results from Business Excellence.

Arun is a sought-after speaker or chairperson at Business Excellence and Knowledge Management events across the world. Some of the Six Sigma and Knowledge Management initiatives led by Arun have been documented as case studies by some leading business schools.

Arun is the author of more than 65 published papers and articles in leading international journals on Quality Leadership and Knowledge Management.