The CPI (Continuous Permanent Improvement) Coach


Badri Agarwal, Former President, Bharti Airtel Ltd : I have known Arun Hariharan since the year 2002. He was part of our senior management team at Bharti Airtel and held the position of Senior Vice President – Knowledge Management and Quality.

Arun played a key role in helping the business derive significant benefits through these strategic initiatives. In the area of Knowledge Management, he was instrumental in helping the company define its KM strategy aligned with the overall business objectives, and put in place robust processes for knowledge-sharing and knowledge-replication in areas that were important to the business.

He also created the functional specifications for our KM system, and managed the implementation of the company’s KM Portal, an effective platform for creating knowledge-bases as well as collaboration among employees even if they were geographically in different locations. This KM solution helped the organization to get full benefit from the pool of skills and talent available with its people.

A large number of internal and external best practices relevant to the business were published as well as replicated with good results, thanks to Arun’s relentless efforts through the KM program.

Arun launched and led our strategic Quality and Six Sigma program with excellent business results. He was instrumental in bringing and spreading the Quality culture in the organization. I would rank Arun very highly as a professional with depth of experience and proven results in Knowledge Management and Quality.

Ravi Trivedy, Former Principal – Ernst & Young Global Management Consulting: Arun Hariharan was a key member of our team at Ernst & Young Global Management Consulting where he gained good knowledge of E&Y’s global Knowledge Management practices, processes and systems. He used this knowledge for developing strategy, designing systems and processes, and in the management of projects for major clients. His hands-on involvement during these assignments helped our clients gain significant business benefits. In his later roles as Chief Knowledge Officer in several large organizations, he used his experience and knowledge to develop and successfully deploy enterprise wide KM systems for his organizations.

H.V.Goenka, Chairman, RPG Enterprises: Arun Hariharan was part of our Corporate Centre which, during the mid 1990s and early 2000s began setting up a Knowledge Management platform as an inter company initiative. At RPG, we have always believed in a strong KM practice and Arun has played a key role in building this initiative.

Nikhil Gupta, Executive Director and CEO, RPG Cables (Division of KEC International Ltd): I have known Arun Hariharan, now founder and CEO of CPi Coach, for the last 15 years. Arun worked with the RPG Group in promoting and spreading awareness of Knowledge Management as a tool for business improvement and growth. He started the journey for the Group when the concept was virtually unknown and made this into a reality during his tenure. He is remembered for his contribution in setting up K-NET, a software for KM. After moving from the RPG Group, Arun has worked for other organisations where he has been promoting the concept of KM and enhancing its utility. I would highly recommend Mr Arun Hariharan for any work that requires original creative thinking, reading and timely execution of strategies centering around this concept. 

Mikel J. Harry, Ph.D. (Co-creator of Six Sigma; Founder & CEO, Six Sigma Management Institute, Inc., USA): “It has been my distinct privilege to follow Arun Hariharan’s career over the past decade.  On several deeply meaningful occasions, we had the opportunity to interact and share our experiences and insights on the subject of Business Excellence.  With each such encounter, it became more evident that his foundation of knowledge on the subject was growing exponentially in terms of both breadth and depth. I have to say that Arun is a true master of business optimization.  Managers and executives alike should heed his wisdom and rely on his counsel. As for his writings, it is my professional opinion that his work is a ‘must read’ for any leader who seeks to achieve their next level of business success. Arun’s direct and comprehensive ‘hands-on’ experience and strategic as well as tactical command of Business Excellence is most evident as he covers all aspects of the Quality domain from strategy to implementation to results to the ‘people’ aspects.” 

Mikel J. Harry, Ph.D. - the co-creator of Six Sigma, consultant to the world’s top CEOs, and National Best Selling Author, is Founder and CEO, Six Sigma Management Institute, Inc. He is also Founder and CEO, The Great Discovery, LLC.

Dr. Kewal K. Nohria, Former Chairman & Managing Director, Crompton Greaves, India: “I am personally witness to the wonderful work done and the excellent results achieved through Business Excellence by Arun Hariharan at several companies during the last decade or so. I was very impressed by the depth, variety and ‘strategic linkage’ of Quality initiatives in companies where Arun led Business Excellence. His actual hands-on experience in implementing Excellence in a number of large companies is also most evident in his writings, which are a ‘must read’ for business leaders, managers, teachers and students who wish to learn about the theory, principles and practice of Business Excellence. 

Dr. Kewal K. Nohria is the former Chairman and Managing Director of Crompton Greaves Ltd. He is the former Chairman of the Quality Promotion Board of India. He has held the office of President of industry associations like the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

K.V. Srinivasan, CEO, Reliance Commercial & Home Finance, India: "I have been associated with Arun Hariharan for the past 8 years and I am struck by the depth of his knowledge and the process orientation that he brings to the table. Arun has added significant value to all the businesses he has helped with his ability to question status quo, attention to detail and rigor of follow up. Arun has the unique gift of being able to combine strategic orientation and ability to focus on ground realities to ensure value delivery to any business." 

V. Ganesh, CEO, Karvy Computershare P Ltd., India: "Arun has been known to me as Head of Quality for one of our largest clients. His level of focus for Quality and Customer related issues have been very good. We have taken his consulting help to create and implement next level corporate and operational governance in our company. His breadth of experience in Strategic Quality Management helped in a quick turnaround of this project."

Malay Ghosh, former CEO, Reliance Life Insurance Co., India: “I have worked with Arun for 5 years. As a CEO, I found the focus that Arun helped our business build on the quality and customer-related aspects of the business to be of immense value. Arun helped us build robust business processes and balanced performance-measurements, that went a long way in institutionalizing Excellence. Arun brings a unique balance of strategic insights, conceptual clarity, implementation-orientation and relentless focus on results. Our business was among the fastest in the industry to achieve profitability, and also created unprecedented value-unlocking for shareholders - the foundation of Excellence that Arun helped us build, was a significant contributor to this.”

Rajen Doshi, Vice President - Operations, GRP Ltd., India: GRP Ltd. hired Arun Hariharan for his services in the area of LEAN and Kaizen program design and deployment across its four manufacturing plants in India.  Challenge for GRP till then was that several fragmented efforts were ongoing at plants on continuous improvement, however there was no coordinated program deployed across plants in a standard way.

Arun came on board with very specific deliverables defined up front for Kaizen Program Deployment across the plants within 6-8 weeks.  He brought on board his years of rich experience in Quality and Knowledge Management and quickly did a gap assessment at each plant and proposed a well designed LEAN & Kaizen program that was tailor-made for GRP's specific requirements, keeping in mind the capabilities of GRP team at various plants.  He was very lucid in his communication of the objectives and the roadmap to achieve them, which helped GRP align the team towards a common organizational goal.  GRP Team at all levels quickly embraced Arun's simple and effective approach towards the common goal.  With Arun's help, we were able to deploy the Kaizen program within a few weeks of his engagement and establish a process of identifying, screening and defining a number of Kaizens across each plant function with targeted improvements.  Arun hand-held the team with periodic reviews of the implemented Kaizens. The company has achieved significant savings in each of the areas identified, with direct impact on the bottom line, independently verified by GRP accounts team.
As advised by Arun, GRP team also worked alongside Arun and the appointed Kaizen champions to successfully deploy the program across all locations.  Today after several months of his assignment completion, GRP has a good successful Lean & Kaizen program running at the shop floor level." 

Dirk Dusharme, Editor in chief, Quality Digest, USA: “Arun has an interesting and inviting way of illustrating how quality is applied within a business setting. Many of the articles he has written for us have appeared in our Top Five list, a testimony to his approach to quality and writing style. One gets the sense that Arun has been down the road to quality implementation and knows what road blocks to expect and how to avoid them.”

Peter A.C. Smith, Managing Editor, Journal of Knowledge Management Practice, Canada / UK: “It has been my great pleasure to become familiar with the work of Arun Hariharan over the last eleven years in my capacity as the Managing Editor of the Journal of Knowledge Management Practice (JKMP). In this time, I have found Arun's contributions and insights to be very valuable, especially his paper in JKMP introducing the '360-degree Knowledge Management' model that has over the years been used as a source of reference by practitioners and doctoral students across the world. His ability to clarify topics, and his KM insight and practical experience, are first class. I would heartily recommend Arun to any business or other organizations looking to work with him in Knowledge Management, Quality / Business Excellence or Balanced Scorecard related areas."

Peter A.C. Smith is the Managing Editor of the Journal of Knowledge Management Practice (JKMP); President of The Leadership Alliance Inc.; Director - Strategy, Center for Dynamic Leadership Models in Global Business; and Member, Toronto Board of Trade.

Tushar Banerjea, Former DGM Information Technology Projects, Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd:  I have known Arun Hariharan for nearly 20 years. Our acquaintance began when Arun was the Team Leader from Ernst & Young's global management consulting division. Ernst & Young was appointed by my former company Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. for an end-to-end technology program management assignment.  

During this assignment, I had the opportunity to witness, and can vouch for Arun's hands-on experience in working with world-class international Knowledge Management systems and practices. Ernst & Young's global knowledge-based and their worldwide Centres for Business Knowledge (CBK) were a rich source of relevant knowledge and expertise for our company. As the on-site Leader of the Ernst & Young consulting team, Arun had a leading role in deploying the firm's international knowledge-bases and KM practices, which resulted in valuable global knowledge and expertise becoming available to our company. Needless to say, the consulting assignment was completed with good business results for our company, and within the envisaged timelines. 

Subsequently, over the years, I have followed Arun's career closely, and can confidently testify that he has made a name for himself as a leading national and international Knowledge Management and Quality expert. He has helped several large organizations to define their Quality and KM strategy as well as implement Quality as well as KM systems and processes end to end. Arun is also recognized as a thought-leader in Quality & KM with a large number of published papers in leading international KM journals.